1:1 Coaching

You deserve a little personal attention


No more diets, and no more guilt.  Just good food and healthy habits. Set goals, overcome roadblocks, and achieve and sustain health in small manageable steps tailored to your unique needsThe health coaching process is about establishing permanent personal transformation. Research has shown that individuals who work with health coaches see so many positive health outcomes! It’s really pretty amazing.




  • Learn to eat delicious nutritious food regularly,
  • Boost your immunity,
  • Balance your weight,
  • Exercise as part of your daily habit,
  • Curb cravings,
  • Get better sleep,
  • Reduce your risk of chronic disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s,
  • Improve your digestion,
  • Experience improvements in medication adherence and glycemic control,
  • Increase your energy and confidence, 
  • Learn to read labels for hidden additives and chemicals, 
  • And most importantly, HAVE FUN.
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What you’ll get:


  • A free initial consultation including a full health history.
  • 3 months of health coaching, including weekly one-on-one sessions (60 minutes in person or via Skype).
  • Unlimited email communication.
  • Step-by-step tools to create permanent change for health and well-being.
  • Progress assessment and improvement with sensible lifestyle changes.
  • Recipes, exercise tips, and empowerment to take charge of your health today!


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Each of us is genetically predisposed to certain kinds of illnesses? BUT– we don’t necessarily have to get these illnesses! A lot of our health is in our hands! Our lifestyle choices give us the ability to reduce our risk factors significantly. How we choose to eat, drink, move, and love have been proven to affect our health. Good habits equal a strong body, an alert mind, and a joyful life.